These opinions reflect a feel for real world history but this relates to fiction.

  • I respect Fallout canon, yet this bit has not been used in any FO games so far.

Black hearts & heroes.. The next game could be a Fallout Pirate paradiseEdit


A new beginning.

2077 The Bombs distroyed the civilized world. Then reopened another to old world crafts, many of more uncivilized opportunities booth by land and sea that would have rose to fill the void.

Bombs scorched the sky causing massive destruction. They tore the earth & broke it's crust with violent eruptions.

Bloody, PIRATES, Raiders of the water ways, sea going takers of all booty for fun and profit. They would be amoung the first to raise their heads. Crawl out to seize some boats and enslave others to build more.

  • History shows the water ways rule as trade routs in a world with limited fuel.

The world went to Hell and fule truely became a thing way to rare, sailing ships refitted and crafted challenged the logical trade routs, coast lines, great lakes and river boat main ways.

Where there is trade there is booty to be raided. The high Seas, oceans, coastal water inlets, major rivers and great lakes all were once and would be again a Pirates playground.

Welcome to my ideal Fallout, thick with PIRATES, their sea ward facing raider port towns and great lake ship yards.

Written by SaintPainEdit

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