Prof Bowie
* Professor Robert Bowie, ( Born 2228 ), Heads the Commonwealth's Astro Simian project with the official title Commander in Chief over all research programs at the Commonwealth's Aerospace Institute.


Robert Bowie comes from a long line of scholarly beurocrats. Professor Bowie's ancestral crest was stamped like a brand upon his soul with his family credo, "Fidelitas ad scientia et cura alte universa demum", Fidelity to knowledge and responsibility above all else. Born, raised and educated at the Commonweath's Stellwagen bank, Atlantic Institute subsurface oceanic refuge, it was more than assumed by his father and his community that he would devote his life to the presurvation and admisistation of the under water sanctuary that had protected his ancestors on that horrible day when the bombs fell and soo much of the world was lost. Indeed, a young Robert Bowie did as was expected of him and he excelled at all his studies booth practical and esoteric. He worked hard and put his education to good use, he systematically took on responsibilities and stations far above those expected of any his age and yet he never knew fulfillment. Robert's heart knew no joy or peace. Even in the most comfortable vault, designed by the Commonwealth's most gifted architects, engineers, technocrats and artists, to him the Commonweath's "Atlantic Institute" was still no more than a tomb locked away beneath the ocean's waves. Though he had never seen them with his own eyes, Robert dreamt of the stars.

  • Professor Robert Bowie grew to felt the call of the wild.

Character infoEdit

Professor Robert Bowie has earned advanced Doctoral Degrees in :

  • Sociology / World history / Political Science / Psychology / Philosophy.
  • Animal Husbandry / Veterinary Medicine.
  • Mechanical Engineering / Electrical Engineering / Aerospace Engineering & Applied Sciences.


Conway Kelyn Bowie, 1984-2041 / Bryn Conway Bowie, 2015-2060 / Richard Bryn Bowie 2042-2077

character interactionsEdit

Professor Robert Bowie is involved in quests :

  • Ashes to Ashes.
  • Can ya hear me Major Tom.
  • Monkey Messiah.
  • Major Tom's a Junkie.

Prof. Bowie's InventoryEdit

Professor Bowie's suit

DT 3 / Item HP 108 / Wght. 2.5 / Value 1,500
effects: Barter +5Speech +10Charisma +2
repair: Sexy sleepwear, Formal Wear
base id: 007style


The accursed Opener


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