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"QUOTE" Traveler, Here we have all you need and more than you might want." ~ Lady Asteria

Veiled in multiple layers of decorative silk, beguiling smoke, side show illusions and duplicitous speeches of mystic forces, Lady Asteria is in fact one of the newest inhabitants of Rivet City. She is a merchant and the Mistress of The Pandorioum in the year 2277.

Set apart from the world at large, adorned with elegant lacy gloves, she barters uncommon items through a series of sliding drawers carved into her shop's core counter. Lady Asteria leaves the more exotic array of hands on erotic pleasures to her shop hosts. Most notably Pixie Stardust who Lady Asteria refers to as "her precious child".


This lady has an accent so thickly presented with theatrical flair that it is more than suggested she means to be regarded as Gypsy Nobility of eastern European ancestry. Little may ever really be know of Lady Asteria's true past. Even the minor quest Foreign relations. will offer little more than vague shadows of what some think of her and or The Pandorioum. The only thing that is clear is her efforts to keep the mystery alive and ever more profitable.

Daily scheduleEdit

No matter the hour of day or night, once first encountered, Lady Asteria will always be found shrouded behind her silk curtains as if always expecting the player to return.

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  • The Pandorioum's Special Services*
  • During the quest Foreign relations Madame Panada will say in a tone that rings of booth sarcasm and controlled disdain. "It is not for Madame Panada to speak of the Queen." This would indicate that Madame Panada has at least a grudging acquaintance with Lady Asteria.


Lady Asteria has only appeared in SaintPain's imagination but now she and The Pandorioum are part of the Qualification Challenge - A Traders' Life.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Imagined as being voiced by the same actress, Lady Asteria's personality and speech mannerisms are to be assumed similar to those of Madame Panada's, a stereotypical gypsy fortune teller. However Lady Asteria's accent would seem a wee bit over pronounced, more heavily played for dramatic effect.


  • This is member's fiction after all : It's a Gypsy magic thing. Lady Asteria's The Pandorioum, related services, items and quests are all protected from accused bugs.


  • The Pandorioum's Mistress's name is worthy of dramatic weight. Asteria, the Titan Goddess of nocturnal oracles and falling stars.

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