Foreign relations

"Quote" I was just going to put out the trash, and there it was.. The Pandorioum, sprung up over night." ~ Garry

"Quote" I'm not sure what goes on in there, but most folks who come out always seem hungry. So they're OK by me." ~ Garry

"Quote" I hear their goods are ridiculously over priced." ~ Cindy Cantelli

This quest may be started though dialog with any of the named non player characters at Rivet City and might end at Madame Panada's House of Wares.


"Seek out all that can be known of the Mysterious Lady Asteria and the Pandorioum."


Speak to all the named non player characters at Rivet City. Exhaust all dialog options relating to The Pandorioum and then return to Lady Asteria who's dialog might at last slip some connection to Point Lookout.

Madame Panada of Point Lookout can never start this quest but if you have already spoken to Lady Asteria and then ask Madame Panada about The Pandorioum or Lady Asteria, Madame Panada will will claim to have known that is why you came and simply say in a tone than rings of booth sarcasm and controlled disdain. "Quote" It is not for Madame Panada to speak of the Queen."

This quest might leave the player with more questions than answers but each NPC of note who can offer a clue or comment earns the player 25 experience points and a bonus of 100 more, just for the effort of seeking out all that can be known of the Pandorioum's mysterious back ground to end the quest.

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