This is an original short fiction that respects Fallout canon but has never apeared in any Fallout game, yet..

Like wise the the art is my game screenshot with added lighting effects and some minor painted elements.

A long daze into nightEdit


A Painful moment.

Saint Pain sat alone at the bar, his companions dismissed, a glass half empty in his left hand and a bottle half full in his right. It was a sparkly moment as the late, late afternoon summer sun light made it's way around the town square's clock tower, through the lazy smog and hot passing dust devils to sneak through the grit on the windows and broken shutters slits, there to be reflected back like some old, refocused magic in a tight thin prismatic beam from the shattered bar mirrors, onto the face of an old world coin on the counter that held Saint Pain transfixed in a moment between light and darkness.

Saint Pain knew this was the moment an old friend was about to enter the bar, he also knew, in a few heart beats more, one of them would be dead and justly sent to hell.

Written by SaintPainEdit

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